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Five Pillars of Piedmont VBC

Piedmont Volleyball Club has the opportunity to make a monumental impact on every athlete that comes through our program. Our mission to empower, develop, and prepare our athletes reaches way beyond the court. At Piedmont VBC, we believe our five foundational pillars serve as the building blocks for the success of the club and all of our members. 

  1. Volleyball
  2. Strength and Conditioning
  3. Recruiting Services
  4. Social Development
  5. Mental Health and Wellness


Our master coaching program is one of the training components that sets Piedmont Volleyball Club apart from other clubs in our area. With this program, one technical director is responsible for the overall approach to practice and training. The director ensures that the quality of each volleyball skill is learned properly. The technical director is responsible for:

  • Working with all of the team coaches to implement Piedmont’s practice and training plan
  • Ensuring that all team coaches understand the practice plans so that every player receives the same comprehensive training
  • Instructing all players in the gym while running drills in groups
  • Overseeing the teaching of techniques and correcting form to players so that each team coach is using the same explanatory terms and approach

Our master coaching program guarantees that all players receive the same, high quality instruction regardless of the individual coach. Whether a player is on a national team or on a regional team, they run through the same practice plans and take advantage of the same, excellent volleyball training!

Our Training Model

Our training model at Piedmont is best described by the following:


Learning to play volleyball requires the guidance of an experienced coaching staff who can communicate with the players to help them develop their fundamental and advanced skills.


Repetition of skills is necessary to master the sport.  Our training techniques look to include every player extensively in each drill to increase the number of touches that they get each practice.


Player development is enhanced when coaches interact with the players by providing instructional feedback. This feedback can come in many form, including both constructive criticism and positive reinforcement.


Whether it be to make the club program, team, earn a starting position, or simply compete against opponents, competition is at the core of what we do.  We provide opportunities to compete in practice and through an extensive tournament schedule.  At Piedmont VBC, players must earn their playing time through competition for their spot and are given opportunities every day to compete and learn this valuable life skill.

Our Goals of Training

Our approach to training allows each of our athlete the opportunity to reach their athletic potential. Through our training model, our focus is on three main goals.

1. To develop each individual player

We strive to develop complete volleyball players that are taught all the skills of the sport. We also work on the development of self-discipline, dedication and confidence in each athlete – qualities that will assist them as they progress through life.

2. To develop our teams

We believe that learning how to function in a positive team environment is one of the most useful life skills a player can develop. We want our teams to compete at a high level relative to their program, not only in tournament play but also in the training environment. Teaching our players to compete within a team will help them in every phase of their life.

3. To prepare our players for the next level

We excel in preparing those players that have the desire, athletic ability, and academic standing to play at the high school and collegiate level. Whatever their goals may be, we work every day to assist our players to take it to the next level.

Why Piedmont VBC?

Unlike some clubs, we provide a team for every athlete! With the club’s expansion in 2014, having NationalTravelSelect, and Regional teams and the PVA program allows players to choose their level of time, travel, and financial commitment. At each level, we provide the same level of training,  foundational focus, and experienced coaches.

We think players should choose Piedmont VBC for their volleyball experience because:

  1. We offer consistent training through our master coaching program. All programs train the same way – this is different than most clubs in our area.
  2. We focus on six foundational pillars at PVC, which creates for a well rounded athlete. The pillars are volleyball, strength and conditioning, recruiting services, social development, mental health and wellness, and community outreach.
  3. We have an experienced staff of coaches and trainer. Each team's head coach works under our master coaches to monitor the program’s training.
  4. Our facilities that we train out of - the Greensboro Sportsplex and Proehlific Park - are premier facilities in the Triad. The Sportsplex has 12 volleyball courts and a private weight room for PVC members only, while Proehlific  Park has three volleyball courts.