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The Piedmont Philosophy

Our training philosophy is tied to the tactics we use and the goals we instill… whether on the court or off.  Training philosophy at Piedmont is best described by the following:


Learning to play volleyball, or any sport requires the guidance of an experienced coaching staff who can communicate with the players to help them develop their fundamental and advanced skills in the sport.


We believe that repetition of skills is necessary to master the sport.  Our training techniques look to include every player extensively in each drill to increase the number of touches that they get each practice.


We believe that player development is enhanced when coaches interact with the players by providing feedback.  This feedback can come in many forms and may include both constructive criticism and positive reinforcement.


We believe our players must compete.  Whether it be to make the program, the team, earn a starting position or simply competing on their team, competition is at the core of what we do.  We provide many opportunities to compete in practice and have an extensive tournament schedule for each program.  Players must earn their playing time through competition for their spot.  Players are given opportunities every day to compete and learn a valuable life skill as well.

Our approach to training allows each athlete the opportunity to reach her athletic potential. We do this by focusing on three goals:

The first goal is to develop each individual player. We strive to develop complete volleyball players that are taught all the skills of the sport. As well, we work on the development of self-discipline, dedication and confidence in each athlete – qualities that will assist them as they progress through life.

The second goal is developing our teams. We believe that learning how to function in a positive team environment is one of the most useful life skills a player can develop. We want our teams to compete at a high level relative to their program and have them compete not only in tournament play but also in the training environment. Teaching our players to compete within a team environment will help them in every phase of their life.

The third goal is to prepare our players for the next level. We excel in preparing those players that have the desire, athletic ability and academic standing to play at the high school and collegiate level. Whatever their goals may be, we will work every day to help them take it to the next level.

Volleyball Training Overview

For our younger players, we strive to establish a solid base of fundamentals and a love for the game. We focus on teaching core skills and game knowledge, often referred to as “volleyball IQ”. Our coaches teach players how to play all positions, how to play on a team – and put team before individual.

As players get older and progress through our program, we continue their development. They obtain a better grasp of strategy and more advanced position-specific skills. We work with them on learning how to lead on the court and handle intense situations as the level of play becomes more competitive.

Unlike some clubs, we provide a team for every athlete. With the club’s expansion in 2014, having NationalZonal and Regional teams allow players to choose their level of financial, travel, and time commitment. Our unique culture is applicable to all levels. And in 2016, we’ve made a commitment to begin growing the love of volleyball at a much younger age with our PVAprogram!

We think players should choose Piedmont for their volleyball experience because:

  • We offer consistent training programs through our Master Coaching system.  All programs train the same way – this is different than most clubs in our area.
  • The Greensboro Sportsplex, where we train, is the premier facility in the Triad, with 12 volleyball courts.
  • We have an experienced staff of trainers and coaches.  Each program will have a lead coach working under our Master Coach to monitor that program’s training.

Master Coaching

The Master Coaching Program is one of our volleyball training components that sets Piedmont Volleyball Club apart from other clubs in our area. At our club, Director- Kyle Milborn heads up the program.

With this program, one technical director is responsible for the overall approach to practice and training. Under the director, there are several skills directors, who ensure the quality of each volleyball skill is learned properly. The technical director is responsible for:

  • Working with all of the team coaches to implement Piedmont’s practice and training plan
  • Ensuring that all team coaches understand the practice plans so that every player receives the same, comprehensive training
  • Instructing all the players in the gym and running drills with them in a group
  • Overseeing the teaching of techniques and correct form to players so that each team coach is using the same explanatory terms and approach

With this program, Piedmont guarantees that all players receive the same, high quality instruction, regardless of the individual coach. This also means that whether a player is on a national team or on a regional team, they run through the same practice plans and take advantage of the same, excellent volleyball training!