Player College Position Height Hometown
Lizzie Bruin East Carolina University OH 5’11” Chapel Hill, NC
Katie Dennehy University of Delaware OH 6’0″ Charlotte, NC
Kayren Finney UNC - Greensboro MB 6'2" Tunstell, VA
Ariel Newman UNC - Greensboro OH 5’9″ Greensboro, NC
Nikki Sweet NC State University DS/ L 5'5" Cary, NC
Jessica Chason University of Delaware S 5'9" Harrisburg, VA
Abigail Drost UNC - Greensboro OH 5’11″ Greensboro, NC
Carly Mozgai Carson Newman University OH 5’8″ Greensboro, NC
Sarah Schermerhorn Elon University MB 6’1″ Colfax, NC
Lizzie West Elon University DS/ L 5'9" Apex, NC